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Tyler Tordsen

President & CEO
Sioux Metro Growth Alliance

Professional Endorsements

I’ve known Miranda for about a year now and have been impressed by her drive and passion for community. Her roots run deep and she puts in the effort. She’s one of those people who can work with anyone and will find ways to solve whatever challenges are ahead of us. Miranda knows how to ask questions, how to listen, and more importantly how to lead. She’s not afraid to make informed decisions. That’s why I’m confident in her ability to represent her district on the Sioux Falls City Council.

Professional Endorsements

Alex Jensen

Currently Serving on the Sioux Falls City Council

She reminds me a lot of Christine Erickson, and I really like that kind of politician - someone that can get some stuff done, build coalitions, and she's a lifelong Sioux Falls citizen. I'm a proponent of Miranda's because I've talked to her, I hear her vision for Sioux Falls. I think it's something like an individual that's been here my whole life, has a couple kids here, wants to hear.

Change Agents of Sioux Falls

Advocacy Group

We are endorsing Miranda Basye for the NE ward City Council seat. She has good energy, wants to be a part of visionary decision making, working as a team, but maintaining her principles first.

Dan Kippley

Business Development Consultant

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with Miranda in many forums, including watching her from a distance as she continued to grow into the leader she is! Miranda is easy to engage, grounded in her collaborative values, and is intentionally thoughtful in her process of discernment. Miranda will bring the voices of Northeast Sioux Falls to the City Council in a new and vibrant way!

Sharese Ihnen

Broker Associate
Hegg, REALTORS, Inc.

I proudly share my endorsement for Miranda Basye for Sioux Falls City Council. Miranda is the type of leader that is passionate about her values. She has an innate ability to step back and see the big picture and make valuable assessments of and for change. She has well respected leadership skills and is a champion for others. As a long time resident of Sioux Falls, Miranda has experienced first hand what our metro has to offer its residents. She is ready to give back to the city that has given to her. I ask that you consider her energy and enthusiasm. She will serve well!

Craig Brown

Scratchpad Tees
Community Member,
NE Sioux Falls

Miranda Basye represents everything I want in a City Council member. Smart, articulate and a great listener. Miranda's connection to her community is real. She speaks authentically and easily to her desire to see everyone succeed in a future Sioux Falls. She's got my vote! 

Brad Jankord

Vice President of Lending
South Dakota Development Corporation

I had the pleasure of sharing an office space with Miranda for about nine months and was excited about the energy and positive attitude she brought to the office! We both were working for smaller non-profits so being a self-starter was a trait that was required and Miranda fit that bill completely. She dove headfirst into the tough tasks, worked with her internal staff, external partners and clients and made sure that goals were achieved. This type of drive will be welcomed and needed in her role as City Councilor as she works toward positive change in the community. Miranda is a friend that leads from the front, and I look forward to her representing the community of Sioux Falls for the Northeast District.

Kadyn Wittman

I am proud to endorse Miranda Basye for Sioux Falls City Council. Miranda and I have worked alongside each other on numerous projects, and I know she is a remarkable candidate who embodies the qualities we need in a public servant. She is incredibly smart, bringing a wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas to the table. Miranda's unwavering drive and passion for our community are truly inspiring, and she is deeply committed to making Sioux Falls an even better place to live, work, and play. Her dedication to improving the lives of our residents, coupled with her tireless work ethic, make her the ideal choice for City Council. I am confident that Miranda will work ceaselessly to address the important issues facing our city and make Sioux Falls a stronger and more vibrant community for all.

Shelbie Berndt

Your TC Expert & Midwest Paper Pushers

Personal Testimonies

Miranda is a special childhood friend and teammate! Our friendship, beginning in middle school, solidified through years of high school softball, and growing closer in friendship as business professionals, has provided me with a front-row seat to witness Miranda's exceptional qualities. Miranda's leadership style has always stood out to me. Miranda has always had an incredible ability to communicate, from such a young age. When we were in high school she wrote the best notes, papers and stories, I was always so impressed with her writing skills and the way she was able to communicate. In growing closer to Miranda in our adulthood and as young professionals, that talent has flourished into an excellent leadership style. Miranda approaches challenges with a rare combination of thoughtfulness and decisiveness; she demonstrates a clarity that is essential in local government. Miranda's integrity is a guiding light that will shine brightly in local government, ensuring that decisions are made with the utmost transparency and accountability. As our community continues to grow, Miranda's forward-thinking mindset positions her as a leader who can navigate the challenges of expansion and change while keeping the best interests of our residents at the forefront. I wholeheartedly encourage you, and others, to support Miranda's candidacy for Sioux Falls City Council. Her deep roots to our community, proven leadership, effective communication, and commitment to the well-being of our community, make her an ideal candidate for this important role.


Melissa Flynn

Learning and Organizational Development

I have known Miranda for many years. Since I first met Miranda, I have been continually amazed by her in many ways. Miranda has a natural ability to create lasting relationships with people due to her genuine curiosity about others' interests and well-being. One of Miranda's most defining characteristics is her unwavering commitment to serving others. She has positively impacted countless lives through her ability to connect people and build strong relationships. She has the gift of bringing diverse groups together, fostering collaboration, and creating a sense of togetherness. Miranda's wisdom goes far beyond her years, and combined with her excellent communication skills, she is an unstoppable force for the greater good. Miranda understands the importance of working together to find innovative solutions to complex challenges. She explores all angles of a problem by asking the right questions, educating herself, connecting with relevant experts, and always considering the bigger picture when making decisions. I am certain Miranda will work tirelessly to represent the residents of the Northeast District to make Sioux Falls a better place for all.

Jennifer Benitez

Community Member,
NE Sioux Falls

I remember the first time I met Miranda, I saw the last class was led by a new instructor and I decided to give it a try. I teared at the end of the class during savasana as I listen to her guided meditation, I did not know her name at the time but her energy and her soul left such an impact, all I could do was make an Instagram post talking about my experience that night. That night could be used to describe Miranda, she is a bright light that no one can dim and she isn't afraid to shine her light to brighten up the path for others. She is a leader and a warrior. Her caring nature, compassion, her love and respect towards life and others are some of values that I would look in a strong leadership. I believe we need a leader with strong communication and passion to do what it takes to make the changes that our community needs. I cant wait to see all the amazing things you are going to do for this city.

Tony Burke

Community Advocate
Sioux Falls

Miranda has a curious spirit that provides a safe space for tough
conversations; challenging all to find solutions. She leads with
inspiration, fierceness, and empathy, seeking to understand all sides of a
issue. Miranda will add a collaborative, and educated voice to the Council,
carrying the interests of the people.

Sarah Houska

Community Advocate
Sioux Falls

Miranda meets people where they're at and helps elevate them. She's done that with me personally, she does it throughout our community already, and the city council seat will allow her to do it on a larger scale.

Briana Welker

Community Advocate

Miranda has proven time and time again that she is a dedicated, passionate and caring individual, always putting our community's needs first. With her strong background in this community and her genuine desire to make Sioux Falls a better place to live, work and thrive, Miranda is the perfect candidate to represent. 

This amazing, kind loving and intelligent friend of mine is looking to help better Sioux Falls! 

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