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Miranda Basye professional headshot, white background
Miranda Basye for Sioux Falls City Council Logo

Northeast District

Election day is April 9, 2024

Leading with Purpose.
Serving with Passion.

Miranda Basye professional headshot with white background

Leading the Northeast

When I was a little girl, I used to wait in the wee hours of the morning for the school bus next to a billboard on North Cliff Avenue. It was dark and cars streamed by heading to and from the blue-collar industry that sprawled across the area. Every so often a car would pull in and out of the Texaco station just kitty-corner across the street. And each afternoon, my well loved bicycle was waiting for me under that billboard to ride back to the house through the potholes of the gravel road. I never thought to be scared of waiting alone, afraid of being close to traffic, or worried about the unknown. 


As local small business owners, my parents raised me to believe I was capable of anything I could possibly dream of as long as I worked hard and treated others with respect.


I still believe in that - and aspire for every single child raised right here in Sioux Falls to believe that too. 


This city, our leaders, and our residents have shown up for me relentlessly in ways I didn’t always know how to ask for, and it's my turn to pay that forward and show up for you.

Lived & Local

Miranda was born and raised right here in the Sioux Falls area by local, multi-generational business owners and operators. 

Honest & Clear

Respect and integrity are at the core of Miranda's values making her an honest and clear communicator even when it's not the easiest option. 

Creatively Curious

Resourcefulness and creative problem-solving were instilled in Miranda early on in life. Whether it was cooking a meal for her siblings or wrenching on cars, she just simply had to figure it out.


Part of dreaming big is getting real about what it takes to make that dream a reality. Miranda gets down to business on real, practical solutions to keep moving forward at a sustainable pace.

Why Miranda for NE Sioux Falls?

Support & Endorsements
Miranda Basye represents everything I want in a City Council member. Smart, articulate and a great listener. Miranda's connection to her community is real. She speaks authentically and easily to her desire to see everyone succeed in a future Sioux Falls. She's got my vote! 

Craig Brown
Scratchpad Tees - NE Sioux Falls

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BOX 1778, SIOUX FALLS, SD 57101

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