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BV alum, Miranda Basye, is candidate for Sioux Falls’ NE District council seat

From the Brandon Valley Journal - Miranda Basye, a resident of northeast Sioux Falls and local marketer and community leader, announced her candidacy for the Sioux Falls City Council, seeking to represent her neighbors with purpose and passion.

Born and raised in northeast Sioux Falls, Basye exhibits an extensive history of participation in various programs and community engagement. She is an active member of Downtown Rotary and Sioux Falls Sales and Marketing Executives. She is also involved in the SD Change Network through the Bush Foundation and a graduate of Think 3D’s Leaders of Tomorrow program.

Basye is eager to reciprocate the city’s unwavering support, which has exemplified values such as integrity, respect, and teamwork.

“Growing up with a front row seat to the inner workings of my family businesses developed a deep sense of connectedness. I understood early on we all rely on each other’s successes to keep moving forward in our own regard,” shared Basye.

While interested in a variety of community topics like safety, roads, transportation, and economic development, Basye is passionate about listening and learning. She looks forward to connecting with residents to hear their stories and how the city can strive to serve them better.

“I remember waiting for the school bus on North Cliff Avenue next to a billboard when I first started school, and I just always felt safe and secure. I aspire for all our residents to feel safe just like I did when I was that little girl. Safe when we’re traveling through the city in our cars and on public transportation. Safe when we’re enjoying our beautiful parks system and expanding trails! And, safe when voicing our ideas, needs, and concerns about the tightening workforce, scarce childcare, expanding housing needs, and strategic economic growth,” offered Basye.

Basye looks to display her resourcefulness and creative problem-solving skills to listen to constituent concerns and ideas to spark fresh conversations and positive change.

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