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Miranda Basye Garners Broad Base of Support in City Council Race

Endorsements Cite Candidate’s Collaborative Nature, Passion for Problem-Solving, and Dedication to Community

With only a week to go before Sioux Falls heads to the polls to elect new city council members, Northeast District candidate Miranda Basye announced today that more endorsements continue to roll in, highlighting her broad base of support from citizens, organizations, and thought leaders throughout the community.

Recent support includes numerous organizations and individuals intimately involved in local economic development, such as the Realtor Association of the Sioux Empire (RASE); the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire (HBASE); and Dan Kippley, local business development consultant.

“Miranda is easy to engage, grounded in her collaborative values, and is intentionally thoughtful in her process of discernment,” said Kippley. “Miranda will bring the voices of Northeast Sioux Falls to the City Council in a new and vibrant way.”

Other backing for Basye’s campaign includes citizens with a proven track record of public service and a record of working within government to support their communities, with endorsements coming from groups such as the Change Agents of South Dakota.  South Dakota State Representatives Kadyn Wittman (D-District 15) and Tyler Tordsen (R-District 14, and also President and CEO of the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance) have also provided Basye with statements of support.

“Miranda's unwavering drive and passion for our community are truly inspiring, and she is deeply committed to making Sioux Falls an even better place to live, work, and play,” said Wittman. “Her dedication to improving the lives of our residents, coupled with her tireless work ethic, make her the ideal choice for City Council.”

“I’ve been impressed by her drive and passion for community,” Tordsen said. “Her roots run deep and she puts in the effort. She’s one of those people who can work with anyone and will find ways to solve whatever challenges are ahead of us. Miranda knows how to ask questions, how to listen – and more importantly, how to lead. That’s why I’m confident in her ability to represent her district on the Sioux Falls City Council.”

“Sioux Falls has exciting opportunities for growth and enhancing our quality of life,” Basye said. “Thoughtfully planned infrastructure and responsible economic development will help us keep Sioux Falls and the surrounding area an enjoyable place to call home.”

Alex Jensen and Curt Soehl, current members of the Sioux Falls City Council, have also provided direct support to Basye and her campaign.

“She reminds me a lot of Christine Erickson, and I really like that,” Jensen said. “She’s someone that can get stuff done, build coalitions, and she's a lifelong Sioux Falls citizen. I'm a proponent of Miranda's because I've talked to her, I hear her vision for Sioux Falls, and I think it's something as an individual that's been here my whole life, has a couple kids here, wants to hear.”

“To me, public service means being a vessel for the people and community I serve,” Basye said. “I’m curious about most things and want to hear from as many perspectives as possible when forming ideas, initiatives, and policy through discernment-lead problem-solving. My life here in Sioux Falls has afforded me diverse experiences, and each time I learn something new and meet incredible people in the process.”

Basye’s collaborative approach appeals to a broad base of local residents, and her energy and zeal for making a positive impact on her community continues to garner encouragement from all avenues.  Community advocates in the Northeast District like Sarah Houska and Craig Brown voice vehement support for Basye’s candidacy.

“Miranda meets people where they're at and helps elevate them,” Houska said. “She's done that with me personally, she does it throughout our community already, and the city council seat will allow her to do it on a larger scale.”

“Miranda Basye represents everything I want in a City Council member,” Brown said. “She’s smart, articulate and a great listener. Miranda's connection to her community is real. She speaks authentically and easily to her desire to see everyone succeed in a future Sioux Falls. She's got my vote!”

This all-encompassing mosaic of support gives momentum to Basye’s campaign as residents of Sioux Falls consider their options for city council in the upcoming municipal election on April 9.  As voting day approaches, Basye is proud to have advocates from across Sioux Falls and in all walks of life.  She believes the reason for such broad support is her willingness to engage with anyone to learn their story and listen to their concerns, as well as her proclivity for asking tough questions while putting forth her passion to serve her community. 

“I’m honored to have the support of everyone who continues to advocate for me for Sioux Falls City Council,” Basye said.  “The outpouring of encouragement from business and community leaders, as well as the individuals I continue to connect with throughout the campaign process shows me the strength and potential our community has. I look forward to paying that forward through service to the community members of the Northeast District and the City of Sioux Falls.”

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